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Parson's Flat Shiraz Cabernet 2015
Chairman's SelectionTM
PLCB Code: 78760
Size: 750ML
Price: $19.99
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Vintages: 2015 2007 2005 2004

Parson's Flat Shiraz Cabernet 2015

Region:Australia > South Australia > Limestone Coast > Padthaway
Grape Varieties: Shiraz 70%
Cabernet Sauvignon 30%
Alcohol Content:14.5%

Availability in Pennsylvania

Availability in Pennsylvania:

Average rating: two_full  2.00  (2 ratings)  Add a Rating

Average rating: two_full  2.00
(2 ratings)
Add a Rating

Rated by WharfRat on November 13, 2017
Disappointing, hyper-ripe, very grapey and mass-produced tasting. Nothing distinguishing that even let you know it had shiraz or cab in it.

two_full two_full  2

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Mark - November 14, 2017 8:26PM

I got a taste of this at the Chairman's fall preview tasting and was disappointed, it did not live up to my memory of the '04-'07. Was hoping that we just had an off bottle. So I picked one of these up last weekend and will open it soon, but based on your experience I'm not getting my hopes up.

J2K - November 15, 2017 9:35AM

Wharf, that may just be the style of this producer. I remember back in 04-07 the Big Aussie Shiraz was all the rage.

WharfRat - November 15, 2017 7:57PM

J2K, I've been having an Aussie Renaissance, and enjoy big and bold, especially when there's some meatiness to the Shiraz. Really enjoyed a clearance Shotfire Ridge and Tait the Ball Buster recently (latter acquired out of state). This just had none of that deliciousness. I've also had a few Henry's Drive offerings I really enjoyed, perhaps that added to my disappointment. Not sure if it's relevant, but Henry's Drive website makes no mention of this wine.

J2K - November 17, 2017 12:12PM

Oh snap, you’re making me thirsty. Wish i had one of those Two hands Bella’s Garden from back in the day!

Rated by Mark on November 24, 2017
I'm with Wharf. Grape jelly, no acidity. Aside from the label you'd never guess it had any relation to the previous vintages. A real disappointment. Poured it out.

two_full two_full  2

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