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Qupe Syrah Santa Barbara County 2013
Chairman's SelectionTM
PLCB Code: 78912
Size: 750ML
Price: $12.99
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Qupe Syrah Santa Barbara County 2013

Region:USA > California > Santa Barbara County
Grape Variety: Syrah
Alcohol Content:13.5%

Availability in Pennsylvania

Availability in Pennsylvania:

Average rating: four_full  4.00  (3 ratings)  Add a Rating

Average rating: four_full  4.00
(3 ratings)
Add a Rating

Rated by Mark on October 10, 2018
I really enjoyed this. Won't be confused with a Rhone, more fruit forward, good bit of oak, no funk, but it blows away most Cotes-du-Rhones at a similar if not lower price. On day 2 we put some in with the short ribs and I was disappointed there was only one small glass left to drink.

four_full four_full  4

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Wineislife - October 19, 2018 4:41PM

Maybe not classic Rhone perhaps, but I believe it has many Rhone like characteristics. It resembles a Rhone from one of the ripe vintages. 1989? Anyway I think this would really stump the Label Drinkers

Rated by Wineislife on October 19, 2018
Opened, decanted, aired Red/garnet color, long slow legs, looks mature but not over Has a Rhone like nose....serious black fruits....nice richness....American oak, not new wood.... Dry medium bodied entry on the palate of dark black fruits....nice acidity....dry mid palate, some wood from the nose carries over, but it’s not objectionable...overall a sensation of balance....for a Cali Syrah it has noticeable refinement.... I think this wine has great QPR at this price point.....and unlike many new world Syrah's will drink well with a variety of food

four_full four_full  4-

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WharfRat - October 20, 2018 1:38PM

Pretty sure the oak is French.

J2K - October 20, 2018 3:27PM

...aged 22 minths in 25% new French oak

jlburd - October 22, 2018 3:16PM

I thought guessing the varietal was hard. Now we have to guess the origin of the barrels? Just curious, in what is the other 75% aged?

J2K - October 22, 2018 5:39PM

The other 75% is aged in the PLCB stores!!

Mark - October 24, 2018 7:01PM

HA! Good one!

Rated by bigred on October 29, 2018
One of the few wines I've had that I like better on day 2. Had this at a 3+, but a solid 4- as I really enjoyed it on the second day. Not over-extracted; just a solid value syrah with good fruit, earth, and just a touch of bacon fat.

four_full four_full  4-

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