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My List - How Does This Work?

My List is an easy way to track a number of wines in a number of different PLCB Wine & Spirits stores.

Say you're interested several different wines, but you don't want to run all over the state to get them. Which store has them all? My List tracks this for you.

First, enter the wines you are interested in. You may have up to five (PAWineTalk contributors may have up to ten).

Second, enter some stores, either the ones closest to you, the ones you visit most often, or maybe the ones you think are most likely to have the wines you're interested in. You may have up to five (PAWineTalk contributors may have up to eight).

Now that you have selected Wines and Stores, you have a couple options.

1. If you sign up for the PAWineTalk Daily e-mail, the inventory of each of your wines in each of your stores will be updated every day and included in the e-mail.

2. If you don't want to wait for the Daily e-mail, you can get instant gratification: from the My List page click on "Update Inventory" and PAWineTalk will fetch the current inventory of each wine at each store. Depending on the number of wines and stores on your lists it may take a minute or two. When that completes, click on the "Display Report" link under "My Inventory Report" and you'll see a spreadsheet-style display of your wines and stores with the quantities.

PAWineTalk will remember your wines and stores so you don't need to re-enter them every time you visit.

Note: Before heading out to a store, it is always a good idea to call ahead to confirm that they have the wine(s) available.

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