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Radio Times Debate on Privatization of the PLCB

Author phillywinefinder
Registered User
#1  Posted: Jul 21, 2010 21:56  

Author p440rp1
Registered User
#2  Posted: Mar 29, 2011 16:10  

I think the discussion was too one sided. Let's get past the "red herrings". The state store system is better than ever and access to great stores in the Philly, Pittsburgh areas are not bad. The arguement is "control and profits". If the state is so good for us, why don't they sell guns, tobacco products, pesticides...) this could be done at a profit and would help in control.

The state doesn't because the real issue is about unions and jobs with state control for a "good ole boy" network.

If I'm wrong, let's have the state sell ANY regulated product/service.
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