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Pittsburgh tasting #71

Author isabelle
#1  Posted: Jan 29, 2020 12:21  

I would like to organize another tasting - going back to our old favorite Sausalito in Bloomfield. They are no longer a restaurant, but rather are an event space for private parties only, and we need a minimum of 15 people. So, can we do it?

Am proposing Saturday evening March 7 or 14 - get your replies in so that we can see if we are numerous enough and i can reserve the spot with them (they are available those days as of now). Food is family style, so a set menu and will run (with tax, tip, etc) approximately $65 per person.

Theme - Rhone wines - north or south, red or white (or rose, i guess - why not).

Reply if you can come and with which date is best and we will (hopefully) move forward and set up more details.
Author shauntom
Registered User
#2  Posted: Jan 30, 2020 18:48  

We’re in if it’s the 7th!!!!
Author bigred
#3  Posted: Jan 31, 2020 07:45  

Sounds fantastic Isabelle, the two of us are good for either date. May have a CdP or two that are ready to go....
Author Mark
#4  Posted: Feb 2, 2020 14:26  

I would be good for 2 on the 7th. Cannot make the 14th.
Author The WineBoss
#5  Posted: Feb 5, 2020 12:38  

Paulette and I are good for the 7th but not available on the 14th. Rhone! That's something I think I have in the cellar! :-)
Author isabelle
#6  Posted: Feb 10, 2020 11:34  

Okay - we are a go! I have just confirmed with Sausalito's - for Saturday March 7th. I am thinking 7 pm - we get the place for 3 hours and will decide and post the menu once it gets closer.
Keep those replies coming!
So far have

Isabelle - 1 + plus 2 friends who came to the recent Burg tasting
Mark - 2
shautom - 2 ?? (you said "we")
bigred - 2
wineboss - 2

Again, we are on theme of Rhone, red or white, north or south - I am leaning towards unblinded tasting.
Author J2K
#7  Posted: Feb 14, 2020 18:53  

Rhone is my fave! Well, tied with Piedmont. I would love to attend but have a schedule conflict for the 7th. Is there a cutoff date you meed to know?
Author isabelle
#8  Posted: Feb 14, 2020 20:26  

prob by Monday of that week
would love to see you - let us know!

rumor has it Tony Poli + Rosalie are coming and tantore plus a couple of friends?
Author tonypoli
Registered User
#9  Posted: Feb 20, 2020 18:50  

Rosalie and I are in. Where is this Rhône, anyway???
Author jlburd
#10  Posted: Feb 22, 2020 19:56  

tonyPoli lives!!! Dig a dusty Chave out of your cellar. That should satisfy the Rhone requirement. We are still committed eslewhere, alas.
Author shauntom
Registered User
#11  Posted: Feb 23, 2020 21:22  

Shauntom will be 2, yes. Looking forward to it!
Author Tantore
Registered User
#12  Posted: Feb 25, 2020 20:14  

Me plus 2. Sorry I told admin a few days ago id post that.
Author isabelle
#13  Posted: Feb 27, 2020 09:58  

Have confirmed 16 with Sausalido with option to increase up until Wednesday in case J2K (or others) are able to re-arrange and come. We start at 7pm - there is a room fee in addition to food, tax and tip. I did not ask if they can handle multiple credit cards, they prob can. I will have to re-do the math if we get more people, but as it is now, will be $62 per person. Menu includes appetizers, salad, pasta course, choice of steak or salmon and dessert, i.e. no one should leave hungry!
Again our theme is Rhone and I am proposing a non-blinded tasting.

See you all on March 7th, 7pm
4621 Liberty Avenue
in Bloomfield
Author Mark
#14  Posted: Feb 27, 2020 13:59  

Sounds great!

Mrs. Admin and I will bring a red and a white. I've brought each of these to various tastings in the past, but what can I say, I know what I like:

2016 Guigal Condrieu La Doriane
2009 Clos des Papes Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Looking forward to it!
Author tonypoli
Registered User
#15  Posted: Feb 29, 2020 14:25  

Rosalie and I will bring a red and a white.

White: 2011 Domaine de Marcoux Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc. No longer young, hopefully old enough to have developed the secondary and tertiary flavors that white Chateauneuf can do so well.

Red is a bit more complicated. The last Rhône PA WineTalk event I attended, I brought a 2010 Domaine de la Janasse Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes, trying to impress Tantore, and we were both underwhelmed. I have not had good luck with Janasse, and both Tantore and Isabelle tell me that Janasse can be quite wonderful. So I will try again. I have a 2007 in the cellar, to which Robert Parker gave 100 points. So that will show up, and if Tantore also shows up, I will open that one. No Tantore, no Janasse.

Red back-up will be a 2015 Xavier Vignon Arcane XIX - Le Soleil Cotes du Rhône Villages. A lesser wine than the Janasse, certainly, but I really like it.
Author bigred
#16  Posted: Feb 29, 2020 21:42  

Tony P, we will also be bringing a white (2012) CdP and a red CdP. Should be interesting to pair up the whites that have some age.
Author isabelle
#17  Posted: Mar 1, 2020 12:55  

Okay more details:

We are in for 18 people! Way to go PA wine-talkers!

They are getting back to me re final price as the room rental fee is more than i remembered - prob closer to the original $65 per person. Cash or credit cards accepted - they of course prefer cash insofar as possible just due to the higher math involved with so many cards.

Address is as above on Liberty Ave - 7pm start - i will be there and they will be open to us to walk in a tad earlier.

menu =
Appetizers on the table when we arrive of baked gouda and arrancini
Sausalido Mixed Green Salad with Fresh Beets
Farfalle Pasta with baby Spinach and Toasted Nuts
choice of
Grilled Steak with Wild Mushroom Cream
Salmon with Black Bean and Corn Salsa
White Chocolate Blackberry Bread Pudding

It looks like we will have some whites to compare for the first couple of courses and then reds for the steak and dessert.

Again, no brown bags needed - not a blind tasting this time. I am bringing a Guigal 2009 St Joseph Vignes de l'Hospices.

See you Saturday
Author Tantore
Registered User
#18  Posted: Mar 3, 2020 09:54  

There may just be two of us but ill pay for the third if thats the case. Ill bring stuff. No janasse from me tony lol. Deus and some northern rhones probably.
Author J2K
#19  Posted: Mar 4, 2020 08:29 | Edited by: J2K  

Bringing a 2005 Pegau
Author isabelle
#20  Posted: Mar 4, 2020 12:10  

my 2 friends are bringing a 2016 Cayron Gigondas and a 2016 white Janasse CdP
Author Tantore
Registered User
#21  Posted: Mar 6, 2020 19:04 | Edited by: Tantore  

09 deus ex machina
07 la landonne
09 chapoutier les granits white

Possibly a blind one :)

From me and my plus 2
Author isabelle
#22  Posted: Mar 6, 2020 21:21  

Update on my friends
Cayron will be a 2010
White CdP will be a MontRedon 2015

On another note, we have 18 participants and so 18 bottles to taste. Am worried about the size of the pours. Can people bring a jigger measure and/or a controlled pour nozzle? I have a jigger but we need more than one. All contributions appreciated!

See you all soon
Author isabelle
#23  Posted: Mar 7, 2020 23:46  

What a great evening - no a single merely okay wine - all stars indeed!

We started with some rose to greet everyone as they arrived:

Guigal Cotes du Rhone Rose
Clos de Joncuas Gigondas rose

then had whites including:

domaine de Marcoux CdP
Montredon CdP
chapoutier Les granites (second place WOTN)
Guigal La Doriane
Ch Cosme Condrieu
Ch St Jean CdP

next some southern rhones:

Xavier Rasteau
St Jean Vacqueras
Clos de Pegau 2005 CdP (WOTN)
Janasse 2007 CdP
Deux Machina clos st jean CdP 2009
Clos des Papes 2009 CdP
Cayron Gigondas 2010 (tied for 3rd place)
Cayron Gigondas 2015

then moved north

Jean Michel Cornas 2014
Guigal St Joseph vignes de l' hospices
chave offerus st Joseph 2015
Guigas Brun et Blonde 2015
Guigal La Landome 2007 (tied for 3rd place)

and a bagged, blind ringer - sine que non grenache (everyone guessed it was a ringer!)

we are so good at this! :)

Great evening everyone - and thanks for your great wine contributions
Author bigred
#24  Posted: Mar 8, 2020 19:16  

One of our best tastings! Great work organizing Isabelle; all went wonderfully.
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