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What are you drinking?

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Author J2K
#841  Posted: Oct 25, 2014 23:37 | Edited by: J2K  

Great syrah stuff from this California Producer, pure and clean

2008 Jaffurs Syrah Larner Vineyard
Author Worm
Registered User
#842  Posted: Nov 2, 2014 21:05  

Some vacation wines
2008 Mad Hatter Napa Valley Red
2005 Penfolds Shiraz St. Henri
2007 Grans Fassian Trittenheimer Apotheke Riesling Spatlese
2011 Flowers Perenial
2012 E. Guigal CdR Blanc
Robert Mondavi Private Reserve Chardonnay... for cooking..ahem.
Author J2K
#843  Posted: Nov 7, 2014 23:00 | Edited by: J2K  

2004 Viña Cobos Malbec
Wow, this is a big teeth staining wine. The color is inky black. Palate is dense, full bodied with dark berry, mocha, kinda syrupy, thick. Good acidity and silky tannins, it all came together but its also kinda port-like. You won't drink this one fast, sit and sip, it's going to take a while. If you're into this style, I highly recommend.

Also recommend these;
2006 Snowden Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
2002 Camus Pere & Fils Mazoyères-Chambertin
2011 Owen Roe Syrah Ex Umbris
2010 Bodegas Alto Moncayo Campo de Borja
Author bigred
#844  Posted: Nov 16, 2014 19:47  

2008 Carlisle Syrah Pelkan Ranch

Very nice - full, complex, balanced.
Author J2K
#845  Posted: Nov 16, 2014 21:50 | Edited by: J2K  

2008 Three Rivers Winery Cabernet Sauvignon item#39356
Very satisfied with this $11 bottle. Pooped and poured and got better with more air. Good toasty berry fruit, just enough oak, maybe some secondary flavors of chocolate. Good balance but could use a little more acidity. Next time I'll give more decanter time. When I purchase an inexpensive wine, I'm just happy when it doesn't have that artificial fruit and candy taste. This one does not. OTOH it's not complex but delivers as a solid wine for $11. I consumed my case of the Erasmo for a daily drinker so looks like this will be next on the menu at Chez 2K .

2008 Andrew Will Ciel du Cheval Vineyard#28170 $47.99
I was going to write a note but saw this one on Cellar Tracker and it was spot on so I'm just going to copy it. Courtesy of S_Nickell. I Loved this wine, Bordeaux-ish, not many left in PA.
"Nose of blue fruits, minerals, game and flowers. Rich, plush and full bodied with excellent acidity. Palate has blueberries, smoked meats, violets, blackberries and espresso. Supple, soft tannins on a very long finish, wonderful balance."
Author acorelli
Registered User
#846  Posted: Nov 17, 2014 09:18  

Pooped and poured? Too much information, J2K.
Author jlburd
#847  Posted: Nov 17, 2014 09:36  

2008 Michel-Schlumberger Cab: Better than I recalled from drinking last year. Was a WTSO purchase from 2011 that is maybe just reaching its drinking window. Alas this was the last bottle.

2001 Heitz Martha's Cab: Also the last bottle from a previous PLCB sale. Still not sure the QPR is fair but still quite good. Soft blue fruit, well integrated structure.
Author acorelli
Registered User
#848  Posted: Nov 17, 2014 09:49  

2008 Barbaresco, Produttori del Barbaresco
2004 Barolo Tortoniano, Michele Chiarlo
2002 Carema (White Label), Ferrando
2001 Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, Robert Mondavi

The Barbaresco was unsurprisingly the fruitiest of these three, the four folks at dinner were evenly divided as to whether the Barolo or the Carema was the favorite wine. The Barolo-lovers found it "sexy", but fortunately did not go into great detail about their reasoning. Those preferring the Carema enjoyed its "edge" and complexity. All good wines in the 90-92 range. Mondavi sweetie = yum 92-93

2005 Montesodi, Frescobaldi - from a different dinner. Wow, this was great. Broad tannic structure with the fruit to make it work -- red and black cherries, blueberry, also wild mushroom and pepper. Long finish. If scoring, 94.
Author Tantore
Registered User
#849  Posted: Nov 22, 2014 14:07  

Nice tastin in Cleveland Thursday:
[code][/code]1982 Penfolds Grange - Australia, South Australia (11/22/2014)
By far my favorite wine of the night. Cigar box, truffles, underbrush on the nose. A hint of mint as well. The palate showed some mint, wet leaves, light blueberries and some black pepper. Very long and amazingly compelling.

1998 Penfolds Grange - Australia, South Australia (11/22/2014)
A bit tight but with vigorous swirling some mushrooms, chocolate and raspberries come out to play. The palate is full of luscious berries, a hint of mint and a tannic finish. Young but delicious wine. I've had this a few times and always loved it but the 82 makes it just seem so young.

1998 Penfolds Shiraz St. Henri - Australia, South Australia (11/22/2014)
Nose of cinnamon toast, floral notes and grilled meats. The palate reminds me of roasted cherries, but this has a nice lift to it. Good.

2000 Penfolds Grange - Australia, South Australia (11/22/2014)
Young smelling with raspberries and some oak. The palate doesn't come across as young with juicy berries and almost resolved tannins. Really good but overshadowed by the company.

2001 Clarendon Hills Astralis - Australia, South Australia, Fleurieu, Clarendon (11/22/2014)
Lots of paint thinner on the nose VA was somewhat bothersome. The palate was lush and sweet with some crisp berries and chocolate. Delicious to drink, not so much to smell.

2001 Penfolds Grange - Australia, South Australia (11/22/2014)
More chocolate on the nose than the rest. Also somewhat softer. The palate has bright berries, a bit of green herbs. Tight and young.

2004 Penfolds Bin 389 - Australia, South Australia (11/22/2014)
Nose of smoke and licorice with some grilled meat. The palate is medium, crisp. Raw beef with a hint of herbs, currants and lots of blueberries. Good.

2004 Penfolds Shiraz RWT - Australia, South Australia, Barossa, Barossa Valley (11/22/2014)
Smoky, beefy nose. Strikingly balanced palate with hints of cinnamon and orange rind. Very clean wine. Really liked this.

2005 Penfolds Grange - Australia, South Australia (11/22/2014)
Oak, vanilla and beef on the nose. The palate is full but the fruit is tight and the tannins strong. This has lots of promise but needs years.

2005 Penfolds Shiraz RWT - Australia, South Australia, Barossa, Barossa Valley (11/22/2014)
I got a lot of vanilla and ripe cherries from this. This came across as very young compared to the rest of the flight. Lots of stuffing though.

2006 Penfolds Shiraz RWT - Australia, South Australia, Barossa, Barossa Valley (11/22/2014)
Cinnamon struck me on the nose. Also the most oaky of the RWTs. The palate is sweet up front but quickly hammered down by some great acidity. Then you get rocked by lots of tannin. Time should balance this out.

2006 Penfolds Shiraz St. Henri - Australia, South Australia (11/22/2014)
Beefy nose with flowers and bright berries. The palate is medium in weight with crunchy berries. Long finish with a hint of green herbs. I liked this a lot.

2007 Penfolds Shiraz RWT - Australia, South Australia, Barossa, Barossa Valley (11/22/2014)
A little tight on the nose. Again some ex oak and lots of tannins. This is just too young.

2012 Sami-Odi Syrah Baby Tui - Australia, South Australia, Barossa (11/22/2014)
Big Shiraz. Meaty, grilled notes on the nose. The palate is big and structured with loads of gamey notes. I like it but it needs to rest.

Posted from CellarTracker
Author Tantore
Registered User
#850  Posted: Nov 22, 2014 14:31  

And then there was last night...
[url]2001 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon Special Selection - USA, California, Napa Valley (11/22/2014)
Oak and chocolate up front Supported by some tobacco notes and a long smooth finish. Really good and I don't think it will get much better.

2011 Sine Qua Non Syrah Dark Blossom - USA, California, Central Coast (11/22/2014)
Beastly. Ripe black fruits dominate the nose. The palate is almost solid with dark fruit and some oak. Oh so young yet delicious.

2012 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 40th Anniversary - USA, California, Napa Valley (11/21/2014)
Huge wine. Warm dark berries. Chocolate, baking spices. The palate is big but enjoyable with blackberries and oak. Drinkable in a bigger than it should be kind of way. (100 pts.)

2003 Château Rieussec - France, Bordeaux, Sauternais, Sauternes (11/21/2014)
Intense nose of honey and apricots but the palate falls a little short for me. Nice fruit and honey but missing lift. Good, not great.

2003 Moët & Chandon Champagne Cuvée Dom Pérignon - France, Champagne (11/21/2014)
Bottle had been open for a half hour. No brioche but lovely notes of lime and pit fruits on the nose. The palate follows suit with a medium mousse and great length. Awesome.

2004 Shafer Cabernet Sauvignon Hillside Select - USA, California, Napa Valley, Stags Leap District (11/21/2014)
This is a near perfect wine from the get go. Cassis, cocoa, black pepper and dust on the nose. The palate is at once intense and ephemeral. Cassis, blackberries, hints of grilled beef and firm tannins. Amazing wine.

2005 Louis Roederer Champagne Cristal Brut - France, Champagne (11/21/2014)
A bit of a funky sulphury nose blows off to reveal intense lemon lime and peach. Heavy mousse at first quickly settles down to show a wine of great lift and length. Young but really good.

2007 Dunham Cellars Syrah Artist Series Lewis Vineyard - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (11/21/2014)
Motor oil and green peppers. A baby cayuse, this. Long and tasty. I like it.

2010 Domaine Serene Chardonnay Evenstad Reserve - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Dundee Hills (11/21/2014)
Dark cherries with a hint of cinnamon. Orangy entry with some darker fruits but t dies off for me. Good. Not great.

2011 Hubert Lamy Saint-Aubin 1er Cru en Remilly - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Saint-Aubin 1er Cru (11/21/2014)
Nice nose with White peach and white flowers. Hint of flint. Slick palate with peach pit, lime and a nice chalkiness. Love it.

2011 Ramey Chardonnay Platt Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (11/21/2014)
Pineapply nose which follows through In the palate. Balanced yet intense. Loads of yellow fruits and a little oak.

2011 Rhys Pinot Noir Alpine Vineyard - USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Santa Cruz Mountains (11/21/2014)
Burnt orange peel on the nose followed by similar flavors. They kind of dominate at this point. I know kevin said these are early drinkers but man this needs to settle down.

NV Guiborat Fils Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs - France, Champagne (11/21/2014)
Nose of apricot pit, a hint of funk. Light mousse with a palate full of lime seed. A hint of bitterness and a chablis like chalkiness complete the package. Nice.

2005 Pride Mountain Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve - USA, California, Napa Valley (11/8/2014)
I've been on an older pride buying spree and this wine is part of the reason why. It has developed an awesome smoky streak, with notes of BBQ and roasted fruit (in a good way). It's got plenty of acid and a long finish still hanging on to some tannins. I really like these at age 9.

Posted from CellarTracker[/url]
Author mrmedoes
Registered User
#851  Posted: Nov 26, 2014 22:22  

A couple weeks in advance of visiting Anthony Yount at Denner:
2013 Kinero Rustler Roussanne
2010 Denner Ditch Digger
Author Mark
#852  Posted: Nov 27, 2014 07:02  

@mrmedoes sounds great let us know how it goes.

@tantore 100 pts Caymus 40th anniversary really?? Have been curious to try but CT comments appear to trend towards over-hyped.
Author dontime
#853  Posted: Nov 27, 2014 09:31  

@Mark - think the 100 points is a typo. Click on the link to CT and you'll see he gave it a 90.
Author Mark
#854  Posted: Nov 27, 2014 13:56  

@dontime A-ha, thank you.
Author mrmedoes
Registered User
#855  Posted: Nov 28, 2014 22:23 | Edited by: mrmedoes  

Posted: Nov 26, 2014 22:22

A couple weeks in advance of visiting Anthony Yount at Denner:
2013 Kinero Rustler Roussanne
2010 Denner Ditch Digger

Posted: Yesterday, 07:02

@mrmedoes sounds great let us know how it goes.

I still contend that Kinero (Anthony's personal label) makes some of the best grenache blanc and roussanne in the US, particularly for the price (~$20 for Grenache Blanc and ~$30 for roussanne sourced from James Berry Vineyard). The 2013 is absolutely outstanding for the price - massive depth. I'll be meeting with him in a little over a week, but it's my understanding he makes "white wines for red wine drinkers" and I think that really shines through without any overuse of oak, which is a helluva way to go.

As for Ditch Digger, it and Dirt Worshipper are consistently some of the top stuff coming out of Paso Robles. Ditch Digger from 2010 comes out the gate swinging, and only gets better. A bit of typical Paso (big and red) with an underlying finesse that really sells the whole thing.
Author jlburd
#856  Posted: Nov 29, 2014 08:52  

With Thanksgiving dinner, Champagne Dallancourt Brut Prestige & 2013 Tieffenbrunner Pinot Grigio. For some reason we've developed a tradition of sparkling wine with Thanksgiving & it seems to pair well with turkey & stuffing. Maybe it's the pleasant memories but the Dallancourt continued the track record. Fine bubbles, a little toasty with citrus in the middle. Delicious stuff. The PG was a really nice surprise. Followed on the heels of the Champagne perfectly.
Author Tantore
Registered User
#857  Posted: Dec 1, 2014 00:01  

Hi Mark yeah...drunken typo ;) I dont assign numeric scores usually and for some blasted reason that happened. Caught a lot of flack at berserkers for that one. Its a decent big ass cab. Nothing more :)
Author J2K
#858  Posted: Dec 3, 2014 23:44 | Edited by: J2K  

2010 Domaine les Aphillanthes Rasteau 1921

Fantastic Southern Rhone wine.Mostly grenache, with strong herbal flavors, earthy, charcoal, dark fruits, full bodied, and good structure. I highly recommend this wine, fans of Domaine du Cayron will appreciate. Item#48146 @$26, not many left in PA.

94 pts WA
95 pts Rhone Report
Author bigred
#859  Posted: Dec 4, 2014 21:21 | Edited by: bigred  

2010 Domaine les Aphillanthes Rasteau 1921

Hey good reco J2K. Just tried this since I saw your post. Big wine for a Southern Rhone; dusty, berry, charcoal and chocolate. Sweeeeet goodness. this will hold for a long time.
Author bigred
#860  Posted: Dec 7, 2014 23:38  

2006 Didier Dagueneau Pouilly-Fumé Silex


bigredPA: 12/7/2014 - 95 Points
This is the kind of wine where you need to just take a moment, collect yourself, and simply enjoy. The complexity and depth of this wine is phenomenal. Flowers, quince, honeysuckle, mineral, beeswax, almond, flint – it's all there, and it all comes through prominently from the glass & on the palate. This has great density, but with a freshness and cut that is amazing.
Such an enjoyable experience.
Author J2K
#861  Posted: Dec 13, 2014 13:35  

2006 Ramey Cabernet Sauvignon Larkmead Vineyard

Haven't met a Ramey wine I didn't like. Outstanding!
Author jlburd
#862  Posted: Dec 14, 2014 14:26 | Edited by: jlburd  

Dinner at Capital Grille with business friends. Brought a couple of the wines getting chatter on PAW.
2010 B. R. Cohn Cabernet
2011 Vineyards Found cabernet
2011 Christom Mt Jefferson Cuvee Pinot Noir
2009 Domaine du Cayron Gigondas

The Cayron was the favorite for me, although I should like to have had it in a few years. My fellow guests were diggin' the Christom. Even I had to admit it was a well-made PN.
Author Mark
#863  Posted: Dec 14, 2014 14:55  

Jlburd if you almost liked that Cristom then you'll probably like any other Pinot they make. Mt. Jefferson cuvee is their volume bottling made from partially sourced fruit, all their other bottlings are 100% their own fruit (and a bit more $). And 2011 was a cool year.
Author J2K
#864  Posted: Dec 20, 2014 00:30  

2012 Mer Soleil Chardonnay Reserve
Very heavy weight, rich creamy and oaky with apple, honey, and butterscotch on the finish. A bigger than most Cali Chard. Get your game face on.

2005 Château Gloria
It really didn't open up until about 5 hours when the fruit, tannin, acidity, and typical BDX flavors came together. A good but not great wine. If I had another I would probably give a couple more cellar years. Otherwise a longer decant

2002 Louis Latour Corton-Grancey
This has got much better with some cellar time. Drinking better now with more balance and integrated tannin, acidity. Prob still not Grand Cru quality Burg but Im glad I cellared a few years.

2005 Château Laroque St. Émilion Grand Cru
Mint on the nose, tastes of cherry, some herb, tobacco, earth , good acidity, med tannins, average BDX wine.
Author Mark
#865  Posted: Dec 22, 2014 11:13  

With Sunday brunch:

2008 Sea Smoke Southing
2012 Saintsbury Vin Gris of Pinot Noir

Southing was drinking beautifully, very enjoyable. Rose was for Mom, she liked it.
Author Worm
Registered User
#866  Posted: Dec 22, 2014 12:40  

2007 Two Hands Barneys Block Shiraz.
2007 Vineyards Found Cabernet Sauvignon.
Author jonradus
Registered User
#867  Posted: Dec 23, 2014 19:15  

2007 Herman Story, Nuts and Bolts Syrah: a monster of iodine, blood, jerky, blackberry, and blueberry pie. Rhone-style with extra alcohol. Not restrained and past its prime. Still good though.
Author bigred
#868  Posted: Dec 25, 2014 19:57  

2007 Domaine Taupenot-Merme Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru La Combe d'Orveau

Terrific wine (& value) available on FWAGS. CT comm avg price $77. FWAGS $48.

12/25/2014 - bigredPA 92 Points
Focused, elegant, and pure. A solidly made burgundy. As EirikM describes, a perfume of cherry, earth, spice box, and forest floor notes all come together beautifully. Terrific balance& presentation.
Author jlburd
#869  Posted: Dec 30, 2014 15:15  

Last bottle of the 2008 Educated Guess Cab that showed so well at the original Big Ass Napa Cab tasting. Seems to be hitting its peak. Cocoa, licorice, great soft berry flavor too. Silky but not with the thick mouth-coating big Cab qualities. Hard to imagine something better at $20
Author bigred
#870  Posted: Dec 31, 2014 21:44  

2011 Tablas Creek Esprit de Tablas

Very good stuff. Repeat purchase.
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