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What are you drinking?

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Author Tantore
Registered User
#1051  Posted: Apr 13, 2018 09:14  

A few interesting drinks in the last few weeks:
Krug 164th edition. My favorite NV Krug ever. Ive gone through about 8 bottles of this despite the fact that its young and linear. Lots of citric yumminess. Typical krug reductiveness. Tons of coiled up fruit but its the minerality that does it for me. The base cuvee is 2008, not shockingly. I believe Mr. Bigred enjoyed this as well.

2009 Shafer Hillside. Sweet but serious fruit. Really nice acidity and better on day two.

96 louis latour Corton Charlie. Thought it might be oxidized at first. Bloomed into all kind of caramel and creamy yellow fruits. Intense.

97 Bouchard Echezaux. Pretty wine. Asian spices, earth, soy, and a very flowery nose. Did not last long.

96 yquem. Its Yquem. A particularly sweet one. Thankfully the acidity hilds the sugar but barely.

99 yquem. My least favorite yquem ever. Still a good wine but always a little disjointed.

2004 Dom. A little more open knit than I expected. Lots of yellow fruit and nice supporting acid. Smooth and easy drinking. Kept looking for complexity.

SQN Stein. Intense red and blue fruits with lots of vanilla, cinnamon, very pie like and certainly high octane. Not for the meek.

2010 alban reva. Pretty much the same as the sqn except a little more reduced. The crowd I served them to preferred the Reva.

2011 Marcassin Marcassin. Always amazing. Toes the line between large scaled and femenine. Lots of pretty flowers on the nose with bigger fruit flavors on the palate. I hope some of mine live to at least middle age. I love these wines.

2010 Deus ex machina. In an akward, muddled place.

2017 hartford rose of pinot. Pretty strawberry and citric fruit notions though somewhat austere and an interesting bitter finish. Just what I was craving yesterday.
Author bigred
#1052  Posted: Apr 19, 2018 22:41  

The Krug 164th edition? Uh,... ya.

4/9/2018 - 95 Points
An epiphany wine for me. Everything is in perfect balance with this champagne; intense on the nose and pallet, with a creamy, nutty, yeasty, mineral-laced brilliance shining through. A rich, expressive, and simply sublime wine.

4 people found this helpful / Comments (1) (1,763 views)
Author Mark
#1053  Posted: Apr 24, 2018 17:06  

2008 RR Wines Pinot Noir Ridgecrest Vineyard

Wow I've had several vintages of this starting with 2005, and this was by far my favorite.
Almost in a suspended animation, you could tell it's not a current release, but there was barely any browning and I never would've guessed it was 10 years old. I see no rush to drink my other bottle. To me this was all about grace and balance. Will probably never win Best In Show, but that's OK, I'll be the guy lurking in the back of the room drinking it all. I'd go PAWineTalk 4+/5-, maybe CT 93.

RR is/was sort of a side project of Chehalem founder Harry Peterson-Nedry and his daughter Wynne, and recently he sold his share of Chehalem to concentrate just on this. One really nice thing is that they only release 50% of their production each year, and keep the rest as library releases. So you can still buy almost every vintage all the way back to 2003. Price is more or less reasonable given the quality and they ship to PA. OK I'll get off the soapbox now.
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