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New design

Author admin
#1  Posted: Jan 2, 2017 13:42  

I'm pleased to finally pull the covers off the first PAWineTalk site redesign in several years. It's taken much longer than intended but hopefully was worth the wait.

The new front page highlights updates to various areas of the site and will hopefully be a worthwhile landing page.

Mobile users will (hopefully) appreciate the responsive design of many parts of the site. The remaining non-responsive pages should be updated shortly.

Thanks for your continued support.
Author dontime
#2  Posted: Jan 2, 2017 19:14  

Where does one perform a search?
Author admin
#3  Posted: Jan 2, 2017 19:20  

No searches for you!!

Ha ha kidding - from the wine map for now. Mobile users have a search choice on the main navigation menu.
Author bigred
#4  Posted: Jan 4, 2017 22:29  

pretty slick, admin.
Author songoose
Registered User
#5  Posted: Jan 11, 2017 22:53 | Edited by: songoose  

I think you inspired the PLCB Mark... they finally replaced that horrible product list interface. Still a little rough around the edges but A big step forward...
Author jmbujz
Registered User
#6  Posted: Jan 18, 2017 13:32  

Good afternoon!
I tried the WineSearch Map with IE and Firefox... both just refresh asking if I'm over 21...
Is it currently down, or do I need to update something on my computer?
Author admin
#7  Posted: Jan 19, 2017 07:48  

@jmbujz Thanks for the heads up, should be better now. Please reply if you're still seeing issues.
Author songoose
Registered User
#8  Posted: Jan 20, 2017 08:28  

You gotta kill that age wall, admin...
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