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I wrote a book!

Author pavineco
Registered User
#1  Posted: Oct 19, 2019 13:38  

Exciting news (I think)... I wrote a book!

Lost Mount Penn: Wineries, Railroads and Resorts of Reading comes out in about a month, on November 18. The topic is rather esoteric, but I tried to write it in a way that would appeal to everyone, regardless of their connection to this little corner of PA. (And it does cover some broader state wine history as well.)

Anyway, I am running a pre-order special through the website below. I'd greatly appreciate your consideration and support!

Pre-Order Here
Author acorelli
Registered User
#2  Posted: Oct 19, 2019 16:25  

Author bigred
#3  Posted: Oct 21, 2019 22:22  

Awesome!, just bought a copy.
Author J2K
#4  Posted: Oct 23, 2019 22:34  

Fantastic! Congrats!
Author pavineco
Registered User
#5  Posted: Nov 15, 2019 09:52  

Thanks bigred! Appreciate the support.
Author amusermix
Registered User
#6  Posted: Dec 4, 2019 11:16  

Congrats on the book!
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